* Celebs (Emma Watson, Michael Fassbender):1-5
* Movies (Avengers Assemble, Great Gatsby, Lord Of the Rings, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Star Trek, Thor, X-Men: Days of Future Past): 5-15
* Music (McFly - Dougie & Tom): 16-17
* Stock (Animals, Flowers, Food, Landscapes): 18-32
* TV (Arrow, Constantine, Doctor Who, Flash, I-zombie, Merlin, The Musketeers, Sense 8, Supergirl, The Blacklist):32-47
Total = 47

* Celebs (Emma Watson): 1-5
* Movie (Harry Potter): 6
Total = 6

Tumblr Banners
* Celebs (Emma Watson): 1
Total = 1

* Celebs (Emma Watson): 1-4


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→ merlin; smiley

fic: paint my spirit gold

Author: andiwould.
Title: Paint my spirit gold.
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur.
Rating: NC-17.
Word Count: 18K.
Warnings: Barebacking, mentions of blood.

Summary: Arthur’s agreed to come to the druids’ camp so that he can see this 'Emrys' the prophecy talks about and unite their lands. But Emrys won’t meet him. Instead, Arthur’s been left with this young druid called Merlin that parades around half-naked and smiles too much. At first, Arthur feels as though there’s no much more to him than just that, but later on he discovers that he’s been wrong all along and that Emrys has been closer to him than he thought.

Author's notes: For merlinreversebb. More notes on AO3.
→ merlin; smiley

fic: over my head

Author: andiwould
Title: Over my head.
Rating: PG-13.
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur.
Word Count: 4k.
Summary: Arthur doesn’t usually allow himself to have things he wants, especially if those things are blokes. But then he meets this guy on this website who has a ridiculous username and is a bit of an idiot and a nerd, but that makes him smile, and just this once Arthur lets it happen.
Author's Notes: This is a prequel to Entertain me. Also, this fills the ‘online romance’ square from my merlin_writers trope bingo card. Huge thanks to merthurtrash for betaing this so quickly and nicely for me! :)
Morgana wind

Atlantis Crew Q&A


Some of the crew has also worked on Merlin.  And this is a rare opertunity for anybody interested in the television industry to ask some questions and learn from the professionals.  Also, the panel is being hosted by the fandom (bbcatlantis.com is unnoficial), and that needs to happen more. Please go send in questions and show your support.


* Stock for free20in20
* Ben McKenize : 21-22
* Bradley James: 23-26
* Emma Stone: 27
* James: McAvoy 28
* Avengers Assemble: 29
* Capitan America- The Winter Soldier: 30
* Harry Potter: 31-37
* The Hobbit: 38-40
* Thor- The Dark World : 41
* X-Men (First class & Days of Future Past) : 42-48
* McFly & McBusted: 49-60
* Arrow: 61-63
* Doctor Who: 64-67
* Merlin: 68-72
* The Musketeers: 73
* Stock: 74-82
Total = 82

* Daniel Radcliffe: 1-3
* Emma Watson: 4-5
* McBusted: 6
Total = 6

* Harry Potter: 1
Total = 1

Tumblr Banners
* McBusted: 1
Total = 1


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