November 2nd, 2008

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Quotes help

A lot of us probably agree that episode 7 was pretty fantastic in terms of the script (Uther ftw!) and whilst reading various reviews i've been seeing a lot of quotes repeated. So i was thinking about making text icons using these quotes (Why can't i stop iconning this show?!) and from the other episodes. I thought it might be easier if i had some sort of central list of quotes people would like to see iconned rather than pick stuff myself and then have others ask for icons later. Hence me asking here if that's ok with the mods?

Right then. Favourite quotes so far from Merlin. Go!

(Oh, no doubt there will be spoilers for 1x07 so watch out!)
YJ - M'gann/Connor

Fic: King, Queen, Jack, Ace

Title: King, Queen, Jack, Ace
Author: otempora42  
Characters: Merlin, Morgana, Gwen, Arthur
Rating: G
Type: Gen
Length: 404
Summary: Merlin and the gang play hearts, while Merlin reflects on their personalities.
Author's Note: And now for something completely different. Technically this is four drabbles with something like a plotline. And I'm very much aware that hearts didn't exist back then, but this is Merlin we're talking about.



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Why, yes, I'm still milking the dragon for cheap lolz....

I come bearing the gift of cliche!fic: the Camelot version.

Title: In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
Characters: Arthur and the dragon
Rating: teen (for implied bondage)
Spoilers: only for my warped imagination
Word Count: 200
Summary: How did a dragon, who can foresee the future, end up locked in Camelot's basement?

Also, the vera srs bznz poll on my journal asking what happened to the dragons is still open (nsfw and SPOILERS for yesterday's episode).