GirlWhoWasn'tThere (girlwhowasnt) wrote in merlinbbc,

VID & FIC - Merlin - "Moment of Truth"

Title: Moment of Truth

Merlin Redux Prompt #4
Rating: G
Character(s): Merlin, Will, Arthur, Hunith
Pairing(s): Gen, although could be read as Merlin/Will past/present and Merlin/Arthur present/future
Word count: 4,500ish
Warnings: none
Summary: "If it comes to a choice between saving peoples' lives and revealing who I really am, there is no choice."
Comments: I claimed the art fill hoping that somebody else would take the fic fill and we could co-lab, but unfortunately that never happened, so I've decided to try the fic fill as well. Sorry you're stuck with me twice.
Tags: 1x10, character: arthur, character: hunith, character: merlin, character: will, fanvid, fic

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