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Merlin - BBC version

When keeping the magic safe, there's this thing called a cupboard.

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Merlin - BBC version
Community for the BBC's new production of Merlin, starting Autumn 2008.

Discussion, squee, fic, icons, wallpaper, you name it, post away. All spoilers must be behind a cut-tag (see lj faq for how to do this), as must all videos and graphics bigger than 300 pixels width. Icon posts, please do the '4 as an example' and the rest behind a cut-tag. Fic, headers then cut-tag. Fic, all pairings - we're slash, het and gen friendly. If you post anything with spoilers, not safe for work, bdsm, rape, rps, fluffy bunnies, etc, please stick some warnings up. (also get a beta and/or Brit-checker, fic needs to be *readable*) Try to stay on topic with your discussion, and anyone who posts things with religious tracts will be booted. No txt spk or coloured/giganticised fonts - see the readable thing. Tag your posts so we can find the things. All downloads - ie, stuff you can buy in the shops - must be locked. If you wish to pimp your merlin-related community, go ahead. Oh, and be aware that the mod's permanent mode is bitchy and sarcastic, and she will delete posts without warning if they violate the rules. For further notes on what is/isn't allowed on the comm, check the 'gosh it's good to be king' tag.

Spoiler policy : if it's aired in the UK, it's fair game. Just so you know. Spoiler warning period is up to one week after the episode air date in the UK. Any post that violates that gets deleted, no warnings. All discussion and so on goes in the relevant reaction or review posts to keep it tidier.

Further fic rules : If you must post WIPs, try to at least have some idea how they're going to end. We'd like to *not* die of waiting. Also, Mary Sues? Not if you want to keep your teeth.

Flames will be either deleted or highlighted for mocking. Trolls will be given to the mod to play with. Questions, ask the list mod burntcopper (enforcers : sarcastic_kitty, highonstargate, suthnoli,
nebula99, vindellavon). Don't waste my flist or yours with introductory posts. This includes friending memes.

Affiliation : cannot be arsed.